Exeter and Distract Angling AssociationIn 1970, two long established Exeter angling clubs; the “Exonia Angling Association” and “City of Exeter Angling Association” amalgamated and became one; the new “Exeter & District Angling Association” was born (E&DAA). The obvious result of this amalgamation saw not only a large membership under the one name but also additional waters for local anglers to fish.

The Association membership comprises of pleasure, match and specimen anglers, and as such, our waters reflect all styles of coarse angling, whether it be small seclude ponds, or one of our prolific rivers such as the Exe, all however, offer excellent, affordable fishing.


The E&DAA now controls over 26 miles of fishing in and around the Exeter area, covering canal, ponds and rivers. The Associations aim is to provide low-cost, varied fishing for local anglers, this is confirmed by the Associations relatively low adult membership fee’s of only £50.00 per annum, so as to encourage juniors, a nominal junior membership fee of only £6.00 per annum has been introduced. Association membership currently stands at well over 1,500 full, junior and temporary anglers.

Exeter AnglingThe newest addition to our portfolio of waters being our Kia Ora fishery - Cullompton, first opened in 2003; it has since undergone a heavy stocking programme, these stocks are being further added to on a regular basis. A direct result of the club’s policy of high fish densities, Kia Ora now produces good year-round catches and is now the club’s premier water.

In addition to the club’s many coarse fisheries, unusually for an angling club, the Association also owns the game and coarse fishing rights on part of the River Exe (Weirfield fishery) and as such offers Salmon and trout fishing to its members.

For the specimen pike and carp angler, perhaps the best venue being the Exeter Ship Canal, with pike in excess of 30lb and carp to 40lb plus, whilst not an easy water, the rewards can be great for the dedicated specialist angler (see carp/pike anglers page). As a point of historical Interest, the 6-mile long canal was constructed in 1563 and the first ship canal to be built in Britain.

The match fishing side of the Association is a buoyant one, with regular open matches held year-round. In addition, the Association, has an active inter-association section with matches being held on our, and neighbouring clubs waters in Devon and Somerset.

For a complete list of Association waters, Use the menu on the left, or your handbook.

IMPORTANT: Anglers wanting to camp/night fish at Weirfield, Abbrook Pond & Sampford Ponds should be aware of new restrictions - see specific water for details